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Navitus Health Solutions is your Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). A PBM directs prescription drug programs and processes prescription claims by negotiating drug costs with manufacturers, contracting with pharmacies and building and maintaining drug formularies. These cost-saving strategies can help lower drug costs and promote good member health.

You can request replacement cards from AmeriBen by calling Customer Care toll-free at (855) 350-8699. You should receive your new card within 7 to 10 calendar days from the date of your request. You may also access a digital ID card via the MyAmeriBen Mobile App or print a copy from the MyAmeriBen website at

Your formulary, list of participating pharmacies and other information about your pharmacy benefit can be found on  You can also call Navitus Customer Care toll-free at (866) 333-2757 with questions about your pharmacy benefit.

The list of drugs covered by your benefit is available on the Navitus website at

Yes, you have been provided with a dual Medical/Rx ID Card that is issued by AmeriBen. When filling prescriptions at your pharmacy, you are required to present the dual Medical/Rx ID Card.

Your prescription can be refilled when approximately two-thirds or 70% of the prescription has been taken.

Your prescription coverage offers 4 copayment levels: Generic, Preferred Brand, Non-Preferred Brand and Specialty Additionally, your plan offers discounted copayments if you fill your maintenance prescriptions, prescriptions that you take on a daily basis, for up to a 90-day supply. The copayment levels vary depending on the Plan you have selected to participate in. Please see your Summary Plan Document (SPD) for specific information.

All of the medical plans provide FREE coverage for certain preventive medications required by the Accountable Care Act (ACA or Healthcare Reform).  For more information on which drugs are covered go to or call Navitus Customer Care toll-free at (866) 333-2757.AzMT’s current prescription drug copayment structure is as follows:

To find out what copayments are applicable to your specific medications you may log on to or you can call Navitus Customer Care toll-free at (866) 333-2757.

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