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Avoid Unexpected Bills for Your Next Medical Procedure

We have recently been made aware that a growing number of in-network providers are scheduling their patients for non-emergency services at out-of-network facilities. Two specific examples...
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Coronavirus Wellness Tips

Maintaining Health & Safety During Coronavirus

As we still navigate through uncertain times, it is expected to feel a sense of worry and anxiety. Let’s transition efficiently to ensure we all stay safe and healthy.

Take care of yourself mentally and physically. Take time to eat well, exercise, reach out to a friend or family member for support and seek help if you need to.

Respect others. Again, this pandemic has been a new experience for all of us and it’s okay for people to feel differently about the state being open. Allow everyone to move at their own pace.

Keep the cleaning and sanitizing habits you developed during quarantine. Continue to wash your hands for 20 seconds, sanitize your hands after going to the store, do not touch your face and always sneeze and cough into your elbow. These are helpful habits to have to protect yourself from COVID-19 as well as other illnesses such as the flu.

Continue to practice physical distancing while in public. Eventually we won’t need to enforce a 6-foot rule but maintaining a smaller personal space “bubble” will slow the spread of germs when it comes to cold and flu season.

Take your time. There is no right or wrong way to feel about everything that has happened. If you feel that you and your family are at high risk of contracting or spreading the virus, then continue to spend the majority of your time at home and wait a few weeks before returning to the gym or dining-in at restaurants.

Welcome Wickenburg

Arizona Metropolitan Trust Welcomes Town of Wickenburg!

The AzMT Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome Town of Wickenburg to its membership effective July 01, 2020.

The Arizona Metropolitan Trust was created in 2012 to serve the needs of public entities who were tired of the insurance “game” – constantly switching carriers to chase rates at the expense of members. After an extremely successful launch with four (4) member entities, AzMT opened its membership to other public entities who were of the same mind when it came to managing employee benefits.

AzMT is now comprised of 9 entities, including:

Apache Junction*
Buckeye Valley Fire District
El Mirage*
Fountain Hills

Litchfield Park
Paradise Valley
Sun City Fire District
*Founding Member

The Trust offers 4 Medical/Rx plans (all utilizing Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ network), 2 Dental plans, 2 Vision plans, Life/AD&D, Voluntary Short- and Long-Term Disability, EAP and Teladoc.

If your entity is interested in taking a hands-on approach to your employee benefits program with the ability to sit at the table with your colleagues and design your future course, please call AzMT’s Administrator, Jaime Schulenberg, at 928.391.2297  or
[email protected]