Avoid Unexpected Bills for Your Next Medical Procedure

We have recently been made aware that a growing number of in-network providers are scheduling their patients for non-emergency services at out-of-network facilities. Two specific examples of out-of-network facilities are Troon Pain Management Center and San Tan Surgery Center.

You need to be aware that any out-of-network facility is paid based on a Medicare Like Rate (MLR), which is a significant discount off of the billed amount. Out-of-network facilities can balance bill you for the difference between what they billed and what AzMT pays – and that balance bill does not apply to your deductible or maximum out-of-pocket! Please take the time to ensure that any facility you are referred to for nonemergency services is in-network to avoid balance billing.

To verify the network status of any provider or facility, please visit: www.azblue.com/CHSNetwork or call AmeriBen at (855) 350-8699. Take charge of your wallet and your health – a little research goes a long way!